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Our services

REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of CHemicals
All REACH and CLP related work is undertaken by REACHWise

If you need further help and clarification on any of the aspects of REACH detailed below please feel free to contact us.

Impact of REACH
Your first call on REACHWise may be for assistance with your in-house preparation to understand the scope and possible impact of REACH. This is complex and we can always help. Click here for more.

Only Representative
Are you located outside the UK and you are a manufacturer or formulator? We provide Only Representative services which facilitates your access to the UK market. We can also help UK importers. Click here for more details

Third Party Representative
You may have concerns about making yourself unwillingly know to others so you may want to opt for using a Third Party Representative under REACH. You need to decide this in advance. REACHWise offers this service.

Consortia & SIEFs
Your company may participate in SIEFs and consortia. We can help in setting these up, facilitate them and provide assistance for lead and joint registrations. If required we act as a third party for handling confidential business information for and on behalf of consortia.

Dossier Preparation
Under REACH preparing the Technical Dossier and the Chemical Safety Report can be time consuming and we can help here too. This includes profiles on human health and environmental aspects. If your substance meets the criteria, relevant exposure assessments, risk characterizations and exposure scenarios will be prepared.

Supply chain communication
We can help in this difficult area: whether it is for your registration dossier or chemical safety assessment covering the uses of all your direct and indirect customers in your supply chain, or ensuring continued supply of your substances and therefore making sure that your uses and your circumstances are included in the registration dossier higher up the supply chain.

Regulatory compliance with Biocides rules applies at two levels: at the level of the Active Substance and at the level the level of the Biocidal Product. Click here for more details.

We are happy to provide in-house company training on a range of topics relevant to REACH and IUCLID.

Downstream User Support
Using specialist models we ensure that your conditions of use are compliant even when they deviate from the registrant’s information.