only representative

What is it?
An Only Representative (OR) represents a manufacturer of a substance or a formulator of a product with several substances, in the jurisdiction of the OR: for example the EU or the UK. The OR takes on the responsibility for the registrations of the substance which are supplied to importers. The role of the importers then changes into one of downstream users who do not have registration obligations. This applies to that particular supply chain of the substance.

Where does it apply?
Under REACH there are provisions for this service and therefore it applies in the EU. Following Brexit also under UK-REACH this facility has been retained and thus applies in the UK.

How can it affect you?
It all depends on where you are and what your role is.

If you are located outside the EU or UK and fulfil one of those roles of manufacturer or formulator, you can appoint an OR in each of those jurisdictions.

If you are an importer of chemicals, either on their own or in a formulation, into the UK but don’t want to have registration obligations, then connect with your supplier who may appoint us as their OR, alleviating you from your registration duties.

Solutions for you
We have extensive experience with providing this service for our clients. We will take on the responsibilities for registration and support you in the communication and arrangements with your clients. We track tonnages and issue certificates to your clients which can be used for enforcement purposes.

Not sure where to start
Are you located outside the EU? Are you outside the UK? Do you want to be in control of the REACH registration in your supply chain? Do you want to maintain REACH compliance after Brexit? Speak with REACHwise.