What is it
REACH = Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals. It ensures that information about chemicals.
Its aim is to protect human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.
It applies in principle to all chemicals, so not just industrial chemicals but also in other day-to-day products.
Registration of chemicals is the main aspect of this legislation.

Where does it apply
REACH started in the European Union (EU), but it was quickly followed by similar legislation in other countries, although these countries may have slight variations, for example Turkey.
As the United Kingdom (UK) has withdrawn from the EU it operates its own REACH legislation, which at the start will be almost of copy of EU REACH, but has some changes. The withdrawal is commonly referred to as Brexit and its own version of REACH is often called UK-REACH. Click here for more details.

How can it affect you
It depends on the role in your supply chain. If you manufacture or import chemicals you may need to register them in the EU, the UK or both. The registration dossier should prove that the chemical can be used in a safe way. You must communicate the safety measures to your customers down the supply chain.
Other aspects such as authorisation also apply to specific chemicals.

Solutions for you
We ensure that you can legally manufacture and import your chemicals in the EU and the UK by preparing the necessary registration dossiers. A dossier also contains the measures to protect human health and the environment from any risks.
If your chemicals are subject to authorisation we will assist you in the right way.
Many EU companies who export to the UK do not have a company in the UK. To assist those companies REACHwise offers Only Representative (OR) services in the UK whereby it represents the EU manufacturers or formulators of chemicals. This is of benefit to you as well as your UK based clients.

Not sure where to start?
You may wish contact us to determine your obligations. We will be happy to assist you with your needs.